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9Apps – Best Market for Free Android Apps

Android users know that the Google Play Store is the only official source to get apps and games. It is available by default on the Android platform and users have to create a Google Account in order to use its services. Apart from the official App Store, there are various other third-party app markets that provide you with some great features and services. 9Apps App Store is one such great third-party App Store that we are going to discuss in detail in this post. Also check whatsapp mod app gbwhatsapp.

On the Google Play Store, there are numerous apps and games that you can download for free. But there are just as many paid apps and games and some of them are seriously expensive. Now, a majority of the users might not be able to afford them and that is where the 9Apps App Store comes in.

9Apps allows users to download all the apps and games that they want for free. And the greatest thing is that they can also get the paid ones for free as well. For further details about the app, you can read the forthcoming sections to get a better grip on the information about the app store.

9Apps – Best Market for Free Android Apps

9Apps Features

9Apps is a special kind of app store, and it is unlike you have ever seen before. You might have heard about alternate app stores with features that wouldn’t have been possible for the official ones like the Play Store. 9Apps App Store offers apps and games for free which is nothing new, but you also get all the paid apps and games from Google Play for free. Here is a list of all the features that 9Apps has to offer.

Specifications “9Apps”
Latest Version 3.0.9
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 3.0 MB
Last Updated 29 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 2.3.4+
Status Publish

Free to Download

This is an alternative app store that offers much more features than the Google Play Store. But Google doesn’t allow other app stores on the Play Store so you won’t find 9Apps App Store on Google Play. You will have to download the APK file of this app and then install it manually. We will discuss the details later, but you can get the APK file from the official website of 9Apps App store.

Apps and Games

Let’s talk about what 9Apps has in store for us users. Most of the apps and games from Google Play are available in the library of this alternate app store. You can simply search for them and then install them for free. Apart from the Play Store apps, 9Apps also has third-party apps which have never been on the Play Store, to begin with. So you have a chance to explore something new with this alternate app store which presents a huge possibility for new things.


9Apps is more than just an alternate App Store. While it allows you to find and install apps, it also lets users uninstall any app they like and also share their files with anyone they like. When you open the app, you will see the most popular apps on the home screen. There is a bar at the top which shows you new games, must have apps, photos, and top games. The main navigation bar is at the bottom. You can access the apps and games section from there.

Moreover, the E-life section in the 9Apps App Store displays the custom app stores that other users have created. You can open any of them and install apps from there. The tools section has the option to share files, uninstall apps, view the file manager, and also change the Settings of the app. Moreover, you can also make your very own album of apps and games just by logging in.

How to download 9Apps from Official Links

Finally, we are going to explain how to install the 9Apps App store from the official links. As we have said, it isn’t available on the Play Store because of its nature. So you will have to download the APK file and then install it manually on your device. Here are the steps to download 9Apps APK on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Open a browser on your phone and head over to
  • Once you reach the website, click on the download button near the top of the screen.
  • The APK file will be downloaded on your device.
  • Head over to the Settings menu and turn on the Unknown Sources option from Privacy.
  • Now, access your file manager and find the APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file and allow the permissions in order to install it.
  • After the installation is complete, tap on Open.

This completes the installation procedure for 9Apps App Store and you can open the app directly after the installation or from the app drawer.

9Apps APK: Will it work after Download and Install

9Apps APK is a third-party app so you need to take some measures before you install it. The first thing you need to do is go to Settings and then enable Unknown Sources from Privacy. This setting is different on different phones, but it is pretty easy to find. What it does is it allows you to install third-party apps on your phone.

The Android system, by default, doesn’t allow third-party installations. So you need to enable it before installing 9Apps App Store. This aside, you need to have Android 2.3 or above for the app to work and that isn’t going to be a problem nowadays when there is Android 8.0 available.

The only time the 9Apps wouldn’t work is when you have downloaded the APK from an unreliable source. That can be due to some virus or malware that the APK file may be containing. Get the APK from the official site and you should be fine.


9Apps App Store has been around for quite some time and it has been growing in popularity ever since. It can be considered as one of the earliest alternate app stores. The only difference is that it was only a website in the beginning and now it has become a full-fledged App Store with great features.

The website was probably launched sometime around 2014, and the app version of 9Apps App Store came around a couple years after that. The app also had some updates over the years giving it some very much needed improvements. You can check our the version history of the app on the official website.

Summing up this post, we can say that we have supplied sufficient information about this app for you. With the features and download guide in this post, we are sure that you can easily install and use the app. For any queries or questions, visit APKJunky.

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