Agurtzane Awa November 28, 2018
Mini Militia Mod

For those who follow online gaming trends, Mini Militia is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. I can assume that you know about the game as you are here searching for the Mini Militia Mod version of the original game. It is the same as the original version found on the Play Store, only better.

The game was initially released for the iOS platform in 2011. But its Android version came out after four long years and that is when it became really popular. Anyhow, it quickly climbed the charts and became one of the most popular shooting games on Android.

At its peak, everyone was enjoying the game on their smartphones and tablet. In fact, it was one of the top games on the Indian iOS App Store. But we’re here to talk about the Mini Militia Mod APK, which is a slightly modified version with better features.

Mini Militia Mod

Features of Mini Militia Mod

When it comes to Mini Militia Mod, there are many versions of Mods available out there. Modded by different Android enthusiasts, each and every Mod has a different set of hacks. Some only have the premium features unlocked and others go a step beyond and give you some extra features like Unlimited Ammo or Health.

Specifications “Mini Militia Mod”
Latest Version 4.1.2
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 47.4 MB
Last Updated 17 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

But we have the Mini Militia Mod APK which has every single hack or mod made for the game in one single package. So why play with only some of the hacks when you can get every single one. You’re cheating either way, so what’s the harm.

Unlimited Ammo:

So that you never run out of bullets and enemies to kill. When you empty the clip, you won’t have to be worried about being gunned down while reloading. That is because the reloading time is so damn fast.


Remember when you were flying in the game and the boosters went empty. Boom, you’re dead. This won’t happen ever again because Mini Militia Mod has infinity boosters which never run out of juice.

Dual Wield

This is already available in the original game, but it only allows you to equip either pistols or UZIs at any given time. With Mini Militia Mod, you can equip any gun, and I mean any gun; in both of your hands.


Don’t want others to see you or do you really want to play in Stealth mode? Then turn this mod on and your enemies won’t even see what’s coming or what hit them.


The Mega Mod of this game removes the gravity so that you can float freely even if you don’t have boosters. Mini Militia Mod has this really nice take when you are attacked by the electrical gun.

Unlimited Bombs

Bomb your enemies as many times as you want with this very unique Mini Militia Mod feature. Set up mines, grenades, and even poison bombs, so that your enemies will never survive when they enter your territory.

Wall Hack

If you’re getting annoyed by someone but can’t reach them because of the walls, just use this feature. It allows you to fly through walls and also kill enemies. Hey, you can also shoot through walls! So, shoot away when you have a Sniper regardless of where the enemy is.

One shot Kill

Don’t bother wasting bullets when you are using this Mini Militia Mod feature. Because when you turn this feature on, you won’t even need to use the second bullet. Just get a lock-on on the enemy and fire. He’s dead.

Magic Zoom

A Sniper has the biggest zooming capacity out of all the guns in the game. But in Mini Militia Mod, you get the 7x zooming in all the guns. You just have to turn on the feature.

Fake your device

This is one of the best features of Mini Militia Mod, if not the best. You can make use of this feature to make other players believe you are using an iPhone. Hacking the game on an iPhone isn’t possible so they won’t say you’re a hacker.

So these were most of the extra features that you get to enjoy with Mini Militia Mod. Of course, you get all the features of the original game as well.

Download Mini Militia Mod from Official Links

Mini Militia Mod allows you to cheat with the use of a hacking system. So guess what, you think you can find it on official links? Much less, the “official” link for Android apps is the Google Play Store. Yes, you won’t find the Mod on any official link.

In fact, a Mod is the farthest thing from official links. So you will have to use third-party sources to get the Mini Militia Mod APK file and then install it. Here are the steps for it.

  • First, head over to Security in the Settings menu and enable Unknown Sources.
  • This is required if you want to install third-party apps.
  • Now, go to this link on your phone or tablet.
  • It is the download link for the Mini Militia Mod APK file.
  • Once you reach the download page, tap on the green download button.
  • This will download the APK on your mobile device.
  • Once the APK is downloaded, go to the downloads folder.
  • Tap on the Mini Militia Mod APK file to start the installation.
  • Allow the permissions and then tap on Install again.
  • It will finally install the app Mod game on your device.

After this, you can play Mini Militia with all the mods that ever existed for the game. You can use all the mods in Mini Militia Mod that we have explained earlier.

Mini Militia Mod APK: Will it Work?

This is a matter of trial and error. You see, all the apps on the Play Store are configured to work properly on Android devices. There are even different versions of a single app for devices with different processor architecture. But APKs on third-party sites are a different story altogether, such as Mini Militia Mod.

Developers just pick up the most popular version of the APK and mod it. So it goes without saying that while it will work on most devices, it won’t on the remaining others. So, there is nothing to say that the Mini Militia Mod will definitely work on your device. You will have to install the game and then open it to see for yourself whether it works or not.

Is it safe to use Mini Militia Mod?

If we talk about the APK file’s nature, then it is pretty safe to use as we have personally tested it. Mini Militia Mod APK is free of virus and you can be sure that it won’t harm your device. Just make sure that you have enough space on your device so that you can install it properly.

Now, coming to the main issue. This Mini Militia Mod APK file is actually a hacked version of the original game. That keeps its legality in question. Is it legal to play a hacked game? This is what users ask when they play a game of this caliber. And you already know that cheating in a game is discouraged.

If you are playing online multiplayer with Mini Militia Mod, the servers might detect you and ban your account. But such a thing has never happened and you can rest assured because the developers don’t really pay much attention to these kinds of things.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can say Mini Militia Mod is a great option to consider if you want to play Mini Militia with a bit of an edge. For any more help than this, you can come to visit us at APKJunky.

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