Reddit v2023.34.0

Reddit v2023.34.0

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Reddit stands out as an intricate tapestry of voices, narratives, and communities. Often deemed the heart of the internet, Reddit is more than just another site. It’s a kaleidoscope of engaging communities where authenticity meets diversity. From gamers to artists, meme enthusiasts to news aficionados, every passion finds its niche here. Dive into r/funny for a quick chuckle, explore r/science for enlightening discussions, or lose yourself in r/gifs, each corner promising a unique experience.

Yet, what truly sets Reddit apart are its dynamic threads of conversation. The heartbeat of this platform lies in its ability to foster candid dialogues, be it through AMAs where celebrities and experts connect directly with the community, or through relatable queries on relationships, fitness, or mental health. Anonymity ensures that every voice is uninhibited, every opinion unfiltered. Voting takes center stage, as upvotes and downvotes dictate the pulse of content, ensuring the cream rises to the top. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, Reddit remains a beacon where authenticity, humor, and insights coalesce, crafting a universe of its own.

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How to Install Reddit

  • Download file "reddit v2023.34.0.apk" and proceed with its installation on your gadget.
  • Navigate to Menu > Settings > Security > and toggle on the option for unknown sources, this allows your device to install apps from providers other than the Google Play Store.
  • Next, get the obb file, handle any zip file extraction if required, and then duplicate it into the "SD/Android/obb" directory.
  • Finally, commence with the applications execution.

MOD Info v2023.34.0:

  1. Disable screenshot popup ◆ Disables the popup that shows up when taking a screenshot.
  2. Hide ads ◆ Hides ads from the Reddit.
  3. Hide navigation buttons ◆ Hide buttons at navigation bar.
  4. Hide place button ◆ Hide r/place button in toolbar.
  5. Open links directly ◆ Skips over redirection URLs to external links.
  6. Open links-externally ◆ Open links outside of the app directly in your browser.
  7. Premium icon ◆ Unlocks premium Reddit app icons.
  8. Reddit settings ◆ Adds ReVanced settings to Reddit.
  9. Sanitize sharing links ◆ Removes (tracking) query parameters from the URLs when sharing links.

Download Reddit MOD 2023.34.0 for Android